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Store Opens September 1st!

The apples and pumpkins are growing, the bees are buzzing, the honey is straining, and the pie-ovens are starting to warm.

In addition to the nine varieties of apples and three varieties of pears, we also grow squash, pumpkins, and gourds.

Jim, the primary farmer, can be found hunkered down over seed catalogs during the cold, dark, days of our Minnesota winter.  He's always on the hunt for what he terms, "the squash with the most beautiful array of color".   

The nine varieties of squash available this fall season are: Buttercup, Butternut, Acorn, Delicata, Blue Hubbard, Red Hubbard, Sweet Dumpling, Golden Acorn, White Acorn, and Banana. 

Additionally, there are five varieties of pumpkins for sale.  Those include two kinds of pumpkins specifically for making pie: the Winter Luxury and the Prankster, and three regular kinds of pumpkins: the Cinderella, White Pumpkins, and of course,  Jack-O-Lanterns. 

Our 22 acre farm, orchard, and store sits on the Minnesota River bottom just outside of Jordan on highway 169.  


Joe, the primary orchardist, is always working on adding new varieties to our orchards, and it's due to his hard work and dedication, that this year we nine different varieties to sell.  Those varieties are: Gala, Honeycrisp, Paula Red, Honeygold, Haralson, Fireside, Red Baron, Regent, and my all time favorite, the Golden Russet. 

In addition to these apples, we also have three varieties of pears! Those are: Parker, Summercrisp, and Golden Spice.  

We offer pick your own apples through the first week of November.  Feel free to call or email for more details.    



Our jack-o-lantern pumpkins are picked by moonlight daily, ensuring a highly spooky quality. 

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